San Francisco Treasure Hunts

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunters' Testimonials

* This is our favorite event of the year! And this is so well organized this year!

* It's wicked fun !

* Can't wait !

* It's a great event. All throughout the year I walk by places where there were clues with interest and think of new places for more clues.

* It's my favorite day of the year !

* Fun,fun, fun !

Participants in past SF Treasure Hunts events

"Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the California College of Arts & Crafts Treasure Hunt. Your humor, imagination and keen powers of observation really made the orientation this year. I’ll look forward to working with you again in the future."

-- Lydia Mathews, California College of Arts and Crafts

"Truly wonderful, creative clues and solutions, and I always learn something. It was quite fascinating seeing each of my team members' strength reveal itself over the course of the evening, and we had a blast teasing friends on other teams."

-- Mimi Heft

"Thanks for putting together a very fun and creative event. This is the first time my friends and I participated and we especially enjoyed how it made us view and appreciate San Francisco with a fresh perspective. "

-- Sarah Leech

"This was the 9th Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt for me (I've also done 3 of the city-wide hunts and the SoMa hunt about 7 years back). To give you an idea of how much I enjoy your hunts I moved to NYC in Dec '97 and I still fly back every year to participate in your hunts!"

-- Randy Levinson

"I was a first-time participant in the Beginner's Hunt this year. I thought the Hunt was great. It was definitely one of the most fun experiences of my life. The Hunt was something like a childhood fantasy of mine. I played a lot of "detective" games in my youth (hiding messages written in invisible ink in the woods near my house and leaving riddles to help my friends find the hidden notes.) But as a kid, I learned fast that my friends weren't really into, like I was. So for an adult to come along and create a totally serious, rules in place, well-organized, well-planned event like this: it was fantastic. Thank you.

All in all, it was great fun. I am going to do this again and again and recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks for taking your time and effort to make such a wonderful fantasy a reality. What a clever, clever man you are"

-- Brigid Biermann

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“I highly recommend San Francisco Treasure Hunts to any manager looking to bring their team together over an afternoon of puzzles & fun.”

Mark Provost, Salesforce
“Our team loved the hunt. I loved how (Jayson) Wechter mixes in history. He’s a really fascinating guy. Sort of part historian part tour guide, part facilitator.”

John Ghasghai, TiVo Inc.
“It worked just as well for the participants from across the country as it did for the natives.  A great team-building event!”

Eric Schmautz, Wells Fargo
“Our customized Angel Island hunt was intellectually & physically stimulating. We enjoyed rising to the challenges and would do it again. We all had a great time."

Sara Ruiz, Genentech, Inc.