San Francisco Treasure Hunts

Sample Regular Division Clues


There's a Little Paradise near a land of succulent fruit. But watch it, James. Go on past a building where inside they're all in white. You'll come past something written in stone, but don't stop till you see a single star.

Solution to Clue 1

2) *

On the third block of a street whose name bespeaks trade/commerce, you'll find an homage to a 19th century trading company named for a famous Henry. Across from a city view, there's another city view, but you must look within to see it. Like much wisdom, it can be found beneath a tree, but one that has no leaves or roots. And only when you shine a persistent light upon it is it visible.

What is depicted in the center of the picture?

Solution to Clue 2


You started at Little Paradise Candy Store at Stockton and Jackson, across from Orangeland Fruits. Just up Jackson Street is James Watch Repair, and as you continue up Jackson, you pass the Chinese Hospital. You pass Stone Street and reach a church which has a stained-glass window depicting a lone star. Facing inside, the window reads "Texas."

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On the third block of Commercial Street (at Montgomery), you find a California Historical Landmark plaque indicating that the Hudson Bay Company (named for Henry Hudson) occupied this site in 1841. Just up and across the street, at 662 Commercial, is the City View Restaurant.

Across the street from that, at 659 Commercial is a men's tailor shop which has a gold shoe tree ("a tree that has no roots or leaves") suspended above its door. The shoe tree used to hang outside the proprietor's father's shoe store, which was located in the Russ Building. The back inside wall of this shop has a mural which you could see if you shined a flashlight through the front window. The mural depicts California Street looking east from Nob Hill in the 1950s (although it was updated by adding the Transamerica Building). Visible in its very center is a cable car.

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