San Francisco Treasure Hunts

Competition Levels & Sample Clues

Sample clue links may be found below, within each hunt division's description.


There are three hunts (and one sub-category of the Regular Hunt) in which you can compete, each offering increasing levels of difficulty. Teams winning first place in one category must subsequently play in the next highest category:

What the Monkey balloons signified remains a mysteryBEGINNER’S HUNT

The Beginner's Hunt is for first-timers and folks who are new to San Francisco or who live outside the Bay Area. It features easier-to-solve, entry-level clues.

>> Sample Beginner's Clues





If you and a majority of your teammates have played in the Beginner's Hunt one or more times, or if your team solved all the Beginner's Hunt clues last year, you're ready to move up to th Regular Hunt.

Regular Hunt clues are usually only slightly more challenging than those in the Beginner's Hunt.

>> Sample Regular Division Clues



The Thinks Faster Than Walks Hunt is a sub-category of the Regular Hunt designed for folks whose legs aren’t as swift as their minds.

Teams can participate if:

  1. half their members are age 55 or older; or
  2. the average age of the team members is 55 or older; or
  3. one or more members have significant mobility limitations (i.e. someone with a sprained ankle or a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy).

The Thinks Faster Than Walks Hunt features Regular Hunt clues, but teams in this category will be competing against one another rather than against all the Regular Hunt teams in a smaller and flatter playing area. Separate prizes will be awarded to the top teams in this category.



If you've scored among the top three in the Regular Hunt Division, you're ready to join the elite competitors in the Master's Hunt division. Some of the clues here are more difficult, but the competitors are fewer (typically 10 to 15 teams compete in this division, compared to over a hundred in the Regular Division), so your chances of winning are enhanced

Due to the challenging nature of the Master's Division,we have not had to limit participant numbers.

>> Sample Master's Clues

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“I highly recommend San Francisco Treasure Hunts to any manager looking to bring their team together over an afternoon of puzzles & fun.”

Mark Provost, Salesforce
“Our team loved the hunt. I loved how (Jayson) Wechter mixes in history. He’s a really fascinating guy. Sort of part historian part tour guide, part facilitator.”

John Ghasghai, TiVo Inc.
“It worked just as well for the participants from across the country as it did for the natives.  A great team-building event!”

Eric Schmautz, Wells Fargo
“Our customized Angel Island hunt was intellectually & physically stimulating. We enjoyed rising to the challenges and would do it again. We all had a great time."

Sara Ruiz, Genentech, Inc.