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Our San Francisco treasure hunts are tailored to your specific goals offering a dynamic, challenging, and active experience that draw upon players’ knowledge and personalities. Our treasure hunts are famous for showing tourists and long-time residents alike the secret hidden sights and treasures of this enchanting city.

We create hunts for:

  • Corporate incentive and team building exercises
  • Retreats
  • Training sessions
  • New employee orientations
  • Celebrations And more!

The puzzles are designed to test various skills like map reading, knowledge of popular culture, current events, literature, crossword puzzles, cracking simple codes, etc. Everyone on a team gets to contribute, and must collaboratively agree on the correct solution to each clue.

The challenge does not end there. The team must then go to each of the mystery locations they have identified and engage in a visual awareness exercise, searching for landmarks referred to in the clue (see Clues & Strategy for examples of how clues work). Sharp eyes and close collaboration are required to spot markers that indicate they're in the correct place, and on the right trail.

Treasure hunts are excellent tools to:

  • Introduce new employees to the company or new location
  • Emphasize team-building skills at a formal training session
  • Provide a fun break at a conference or convention
  • Reward a department for successful completion of a project
  • Enliven social gatherings and events
  • Educate participants in new ways of seeing and exploring their environment

Treasure hunts reward good team work, and require many of the skills necessary to succeed in business:

  • Creative thinking
  • Good listening skills
  • Using effective research to arrive at a correct conclusion
  • Seeking and building a consensus for a plan of action
  • Plotting a strategy and having the flexibility to change it as needed

All of our Treasure Hunts are custom made to suit your group. We can also create the same high-quality treasure hunts in other locations of your choosing.

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A treasure hunt is a great way to enliven a social event or celebration and is a terrific social ice-breaker that fosters quick camaraderie.

Organized into teams of four to six, players must closely collaborate to solve a series of intellectual puzzles. The intensity of the experience can make for memorable moments and fast friendships! As a bonus, the clues will lead you to hidden views, secret sights and evocative remnants of the city's colorful history


Treasure hunters will explore narrow Chinatown alleys where the sound of clacking mahjong tiles fill the air, climb hidden stairways to a breathtaking bay view, and discover public and private artworks reflecting the city's artistic heritage. They'll also encounter remnants of the city's rich, exotic history and culture: the historical square where San Francisco was founded (and where the discovery of gold was announced); a plaque commemorating the site where Barbary Coast “hoodlums” were hanged by vigilantes; the art deco apartment building where Humphrey Bogart hid out in the Dark Passage; the whisky warehouse whose owner saved it from destruction following the 1906 earthquake by bribing the firemen with some of his wares; the alley where Sam Spade's partner was gunned down in The Maltese Falcon.

Clues do not require familiarity with San Francisco to solve. Rather, they rely on puzzle-solving and map reading skills, and knowledge of popular culture, current events, literature and history.

For more information, check out our FAQs.

“I highly recommend San Francisco Treasure Hunts to any manager looking to bring their team together over an afternoon of puzzles & fun.”

Mark Provost, Salesforce
“Our team loved the hunt. I loved how (Jayson) Wechter mixes in history. He’s a really fascinating guy. Sort of part historian part tour guide, part facilitator.”

John Ghasghai, TiVo Inc.
“It worked just as well for the participants from across the country as it did for the natives.  A great team-building event!”

Eric Schmautz, Wells Fargo
“Our customized Angel Island hunt was intellectually & physically stimulating. We enjoyed rising to the challenges and would do it again. We all had a great time."

Sara Ruiz, Genentech, Inc.