Sample Clues | San Francisco Treasure Hunts

CLUE # 1 (San Francisco's Chinatown):


Where George and Betsy meet, there's a man who's going with the grain.


CLUE # 2: (San Francisco's Telegraph Hill):

King Ludwig had one; so did William Randolph Hearst. These are some others. If you know what they are, you'll know which street to search on:



Where George Washington and Betsy Ross meet at the south end of Ross Alley, one of four murals depicts a workman carrying a sack of rice ("going with the grain").Clue 1 map

map of Castle Street area


King Ludwig and William Randolph Hearst both built castles, and five famous castles are listed here, leading to Castle Street, a block-long alley on Telegraph Hill that offers a dramatic view of Coit Tower.


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